Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance  


An accidental injury can be severe enough to prevent you from doing the work you do every day. Unfortunately, such an injury can easily happen to anyone. What if you experience the loss of your hand or leg following an automobile accident? Could you continue to work?


That’s where Group Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance comes in. This insurance provides you with a benefit for a covered accidental injury or accidental death. This benefit is paid in addition to any other insurance benefits you might receive.


Benefit Features:

  • Choice of benefit amounts
  • 24–hour coverage—at economical group rates—anywhere in the world
  • Benefits paid directly to the insured or their beneficiary
  • Coverage also available for your spouse* and dependent children
  • Many extra benefits that pay in addition to the coverage amount. 


This economical insurance is an ideal way to give yourself that extra coverage for the unexpected. Accidents can happen to anyone—protect yourself and your family.

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The odds are against you and your family avoiding a serious accident. No one can completely prevent one from happening, but now you can help protect yourself financially if it happens to you. This IMA–sponsored Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Plan is designed especially for members to help ease the financial burden an accident can bring. A serious accident would have a strong impact on your entire family’s emotional state. But after the trauma, accident–stricken families may find themselves unprepared for the financial impact that may follow. Bills for hospital and physician services, as well as everyday bills, pile up quickly and may significantly affect your family’s financial future.



AUTOMATIC ACCEPTANCE For all association members under age 70, acceptance is automatic. There are no health questions asked … no physical exam required! Your spouse* under age 70 and your unmarried dependent children (14 days to age 25) are automatically eligible for coverage when you enroll. Employees of members and their dependents are also eligible for coverage. Coverage is effective upon receipt of the required premium and the enrollment form. You and your family cannot be turned down!


RENEWABILITY You will be covered through age 85 as long as you:  remain an active member, pay your premiums when due, and the Group Policy remains in force. Coverage for dependents terminates when they are no longer eligible because of age or a change in your marital status.


ECONOMICAL PREMIUMS The economies of centralized administration and the buying power of your association help keep premiums affordable.



All of the following benefits are part of your insurance coverage. These are benefits that may pay additional money on top of the benefit amount of your coverage.


Safe Driver Benefit
Your beneficiary may receive an additional 10% of your benefit amount (up to $25,000) if you have a covered fatal car accident and are wearing a seat belt at the time. This benefit will increase to 15 percent (up to $40,000) if the car you were riding in or driving also has factory–installed airbags that inflated properly upon impact.


Education Benefits
When you select family coverage, you are opting for your eligible student children to be paid an additional 5 percent of your benefit amount (up to $5,000 per year) for up to four years for higher learning if you die in a covered accident.


Child Care Benefit
If you have children under 13 and you die in a covered accident, a child care benefit of an additional 3 percent of your benefit amount (up to $2,500 per year) for up to six years may be payable to the person who has incurred the cost of day care expenses.


Common Carrier Benefit
An additional 50% of your benefit amount (up to $50,000) may be payable if the covered loss occurs while traveling as a fare–paying passenger or boarding on or debarking from a licensed common carrier if you die in a covered accident.


Total and Permanent Disability
Your FULL BENEFIT amount is payable if you are totally and permanently disabled, as defined in the certificate, as part of a covered accident.


Training Benefit
Your spouse* can receive an additional 5 percent of your benefit amount (up to $5,000) for attending a professional or trade training program, if the cost is incurred within 30 months of your covered death and the training program is for the purpose of obtaining an independent source of support and maintenance.


Elder Care Benefit
The beneficiary may receive an additional 5 percent of your benefit amount (up to $5,000) if you die due to a covered accident while an elderly relative is dependent on you for support and maintenance.


Coma Benefit
If you are in a coma due to a covered accident, you may receive 2 percent of your full benefit amount per month for up to 12 months (maximum $24,000), until you are no longer in a coma or when maximum benefits have been paid, whichever comes first.


You could also receive an additional 2 percent of your benefit amount (up to $5,000) if you have a covered loss and your doctor prescribes rehabilitation services.


Burn Disfigurement
If you suffer disfigurement due to burns caused by a covered accident, you could receive an additional 10 percent of your benefit amount (up to $30,000).


Transportation Benefit
Your beneficiary could receive an additional 2 percent of your benefit amount (up to $5,000) if you die due to a covered accident that occurs at least 75 miles from your primary residence.


Exposure and Disappearance Benefit
ReliaStar Life pays an Exposure benefit if:

  • the loss of use of hands, feet, thumb and index finger on the same hand, or paralysis is caused by exposure to the elements, and
  • is the result of a covered accident


ReliaStar Life pays a Disappearance benefit if:

  • you are in a conveyance, including but not limited to an automobile, airplane, ship or train, that disappears, sinks or wrecks; and
  • you disappear and your body is not found, and the disappearance is the result of a covered accident; and
  • a reasonable period of time, but no more than one year, has lapsed since the accident, and
  • ReliaStar Life has reviewed all evidence and there is no reason to believe that you are living.


Common Disaster Benefit
ReliaStar Life pays a Common Disaster benefit if, as a result of a common accident, you and your insured dependent spouse* die within one year as a result of a covered accident. This benefit increases the spouse* coverage to 100% of member's coverage provided the additional benefits do not equal more than $50,000.


You’re covered, anytime, anywhere. Coverage under this Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Plan helps protect you from loss caused by a covered accident 24 hours a day … 365 days a year … on or off the job … from across the street to around the world! Even while you’re on commercial airplanes, buses, and taxis. And any benefits you may receive from this plan are paid directly to you or your beneficiary to cover final expenses, medical costs, or to invest in long–range income replacement … regardless of Social Security or other insurance benefits.


When you choose the Family Plan, benefits for all covered family members are based on the amount of coverage you select, as follows:

  • Your spouse* is insured for 50 percent of your chosen benefit amount if you have no insured children.
  • Your spouse* is insured for 40 percent of your chosen benefit amount if you have insured children.
  • Each child is insured for 15 percent of your chosen benefit amount if you have no insured spouse*.
  • Each child is insured for 10 percent of your chosen benefit amount if you have an insured spouse*.


Schedule of Benefits

If injuries caused by a covered accident result in death or dismemberment within 365 days of the covered accident, the plan will pay the following:

MEMBER Coverage
Loss of: Benefit
Life 100%
Two limbs 100%
Sight of both eyes 100%
Speech and hearing in both ears 100%
Quadriplegia 100%
Paralysis of three limbs 75%
Paraplegia 75%
One limb 50%
Hemiplegia 50%
Sight of one eye 50%
Speech 50%
Hearing in both ears 50%
Thumb and index finger of same hand 25%
Paralysis of one limb 25%


ReliaStar Life does not pay benefits for loss directly or indirectly caused by any of the following:

  • An accident occurring before the Effective Date of the Group Policy.
  • Suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury, while sane. Exception: If you are a Missouri citizen and commit suicide while insane, ReliaStar Life pays benefits unless we are able to prove that you intended to commit suicide when you applied for AD&D insurance.
  • Physical or mental illness.
  • Bacterial infection or poisoning.
  • Exceptions
    • Unintentional infections which result from an accidental bodily injury.
    • Unintentional or nonvoluntary inhalation of gas or poisons
    • Bacterial infections that result from the ingestion of contaminated substances.
    • Infection from a cut or wound caused by an accident.
  • Riding in or descending from an aircraft as a pilot or crew member.
  • Any armed conflict, whether declared as war or not, involving any country or government.
  • Injury suffered while in the military service for any country or government.
  • Injury that occurs when you commit or attempt to commit a crime.
  • Use of any drug, narcotic or hallucinogenic agent, unless prescribed by a doctor or taken as directed by a doctor or the manufacturer.
  • Your intoxication. Intoxication means your blood alcohol content meets or exceeds the legal presumption of intoxication under the laws of the state where the accident occurred.


You may maintain your IMA–sponsored Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance coverage until age 85, as long as the Group Policy remains in force, you remain an IMA member, and you pay your premium on time. Coverage for your dependents terminates when your coverage ends; you stop paying premium; or your dependents are no longer eligible due to change in age, dependency, or marital status, whichever occurs first.


If, for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your terms of coverage after you receive your Certificate of Insurance, simply return it within 30 days and your money will be refunded in full provided no claims have been submitted or paid. No questions asked.


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Answers about the program, including eligibility, options, customer service and more.
  • How does Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) work?

    AD&D is insurance that pays if you die or are disabled as a result of injuries caused by a covered accident (not due to an illness). A covered loss is one that is explicitly mentioned in the certificate as a basis for payment.


    AD&D coverage generally features:

    • High death benefit limits.
    • Affordable premiums.
    • No medical exam or proof of insurability requirement. You can usually obtain this coverage even if you do not otherwise qualify for insurance.
    • Benefits paid in addition to any other insurance.
    • Benefits are often paid for dismemberment of limbs and fingers, as well as hand or of loss of vision. The benefit paid is generally a percentage of the death benefit. (E.g., the loss of one hand may qualify for payment of 50 percent of the death benefit).
  • When does AD&D insurance make sense?

    You should consider AD&D insurance if you have loved ones whose security would be threatened if an accident took you suddenly or you could not earn an income owing to a dismembering disability.


    If you’re concerned about the possibility of an accidental death or dismemberment but do not want to purchase additional life insurance to cover those possibilities, AD&D can help cover this risk.

  • How does IMA-sponsored AD&D plan compare with my other life and health insurance?

    AD&D is a valuable financial tool that can help protect your family. However, since benefits are paid only in the event of a covered accident (or covered dismemberment), and not due to illness or other causes, it is generally recommended that AD&D be purchased to supplement other life or health insurance when possible, not used as a substitute for other coverage.

  • How much insurance can I get through IMA-sponsored AD&D?

    You can select benefit amounts from $25,000 up to $550,000 (in increments of $5,000).
  • Who is eligible for this insurance?

    For all members of IMA and employees of members under age 70, acceptance is automatic. There are no health questions asked . . . no physical exam required! Your spouse* (under age 70) and your unmarried dependent children (14 days to age 25) are automatically eligible for coverage when you apply.

  • What if I have second thoughts after I enroll?

    Once you receive your certificate, review your plan to discuss with family and advisors. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, you may return your certificate within 30 days for a full refund of premiums paid, provided no claims have been submitted or paid.

*In Oregon, spouse includes domestic partner.

This is a summary of benefits only. A complete description of benefits, limitations, exclusions and termination of coverage will be provided in the certificate of coverage. All coverage is subject to the terms of the group policy. If there is any discrepancy between this document and the group policy documents, the policy documents will govern.


Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance coverage is provided under the terms of a health insurance policy, Group Policy 66671-8 issued and delivered in the state of Missouri, and is governed by its laws, to the Institute of Management Accountants Life Insurance Trust as the policyholder. The group health insurance policy is issued by ReliaStar Life Insurance Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota. The policy is administered on behalf of ReliaStar Life Insurance Company by AMBA Administrators, Inc., an insurance administrator licensed in the state of Missouri. Policy Form HP010GP.  This coverage is available only to residents of the United States and may not be available in all states. Please contact the administrator for details.

This is a Paid Endorsement. The Institute of Management Accountants receives a fee from the insurance broker and/or the insurer for its endorsement of this plan.